Meet the staff

We want you to have a great orthodontic experience and we know that it is not all about the treatment itself.

At Smile Time Orthodontics we aim to provide the highest level of service from the moment you walk in the door. We are committed to meeting your needs and making your orthodontic experience comfortable, fun and rewarding.

We have an exceptional and highly experienced team. We will look forward to welcoming you to our practice and looking after you every step of the way.

Our Dental Therapists



Marianne joined our practice as a dental therapist in 2001.

She is a great dental therapist with a vast amount of experience in treating children through to adults. She also has the important role of coordinating the clinical operations and staff for all of our practices. Marianne works at all of our offices. She enjoys running, keeping fit and baking for loved ones including us.



Alexia joined our practice as a dental therapist in 2005.

She loves technology and advancing our systems to better service our patients. Alexia is highly experienced in all aspects of orthodontic care and in treating patients of all ages.  She works at all four of our offices. Alexia enjoys cooking, travel and spending time with her family.



Jenni originally worked with Dr Southall prior to having a family, she rejoined our field and practice in 2010 after returning from Melbourne.

Jenni is great at motivating our patients at achieving the best out of themselves during their orthodontic treatment. Jenni works in our Fremantle, Mt Hawthorn and Swanbourne offices. She enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.



Laura joined our growing practice as dental hygienist in 2014. She enjoys motivating and educating her patient's in achieving optimal dental health during their orthodontic treatment and for life. She is also great at motivating all of our team for healthy living! Laura works at our Mindarie, Fremantle and Mt Hawthorn offices. 

Laura enjoys yoga, standup paddleboarding and travel. 



Kim joined our practice in 2014 as a dental hygienist. She has a vast amount of experience in orthodontics, having worked in the field for over 10 years. She brings with her her warmth, friendliness and clinical experience to our patients and our team. Kim works predominantly in our Mindarie and Mt Hawthorn offices.

She enjoys her family time, cooking and travel. 



Harriet joined our practice as a dental hygienist in 2016. 

Harriet brings out only smiles in our patients, they love her fun and positive outlook on life and their orthodontic treatment. Our teen and young patients really appreciate her open and direct approach and communication. 

Harriet works in all of our offices. She is also a fully qualified yoga instruction, loves the beach, surfing and snowboarding. 



Our Treatment Coordinators and Dental Assistants



Diane has been an Orthodontic treatment coordinator for over 18 years and has been with our practice since 2004.

She coordinates and communicates treatment within the practice, with referring dentists and most importantly with our patients and families. Diane is so friendly and informative, you will always know exactly what to expect. Diane works in all four of our offices. She loves travel, spending time with friends and family, and most of all our Perth sunrises.



Leanne joined our practice in 2013 as a treatment coordinator and dental assistant. She brings with her a great deal of experience in the dental field, excellent skills in communication and liasing with doctors and patients. Leanne's positive attitude and warm smiles are a big part of our practice. Leanne enjoys spending time with her family, the beach and with her rescued pups. 



May joined our practice in 2015 as receptionist and dental assistant. As our practice has grown, we are so lucky to have May in this role as her calm and beautiful nature is invaluable to our team and patients. Assisting our practice managers within all of our practices she is an integral part of Smile Time Orthodontics. May has also taken on the design and creative concepts role for our practice to keep our material engaging and informative for patients and their families. 

May enjoys photography, design and the spending time with loved ones




Kathy joined our practice in 2017 as a dental assistant and receptionist. Originally from the UK, Kathy has over fifteen years of dental assisting experience in practices both in the UK and Perth. She brings an immense amount of skill and positivity to the clinical running of our practice which makes our team and patients love their time with her. Kathy works primarily in our Mindarie practice. 

Kathy enjoys cycling, outdoor fitness, sewing and paper craft.





Our Practice Managers




Sarah joined our practice in 2016. Having worked as a dental therapist in New Zealand, as well as a dental assistant and treatment coordinator within all of our practices, Sarah brings a great deal of knowledge and understanding of clinical orthodontics to her role as practice manager of our Fremantle office. Her management and care for our Fremantle patients' and families is wonderful. 

Sarah loves Perth as home, our beaches and spending time with friends and family. 





Lyn is the practice manager at our Mindarie office, having joined us in 2012. Our team and our patients adore her serenity, warmth and skill at looking after all, that come through the practice door.

Lyn enjoys travelling to new places, exploring new cultures and experiences.



Mt Hawthorn 

Coralie joined our practice in 2014 as the practice manager for our Mt Hawthorn and Swanbourne offices. Since then she has taken on the role solely for our Mt Hawthorn practice. Coralie brings with her a vast amount of experience in human relations and front desk management. She is a great asset to our team and keeps every smiling with her good sense of humour!

Coralie enjoys dancing, music and a good laugh. 





Jane joined our practice in 2017 as our Swanbourne practice manager. She brings a fantastic combination of directness, proficiency, compassion and smiles to always look after our patients and families in our Swanbourne Practice. Always eager to help or assist our patients and our team, Jane's a great addition to our Smile Time family. 

Jane enjoys tropical islands, family time and peacefulness in life.