Clear braces

"Clear" braces are a cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces that blend in more with the natural colour of the teeth and have a less obvious appearance. These brackets are made of a ceramic material and work the same way as traditional metal brackets.

At our practice we use both traditional clear braces as well as Empower Clear Braces, which combine two of the Orthodontic industry’s leading trends – clear cosmetic appliances and self-ligation. 

Clear braces blend beautifully with the teeth and give the ultimate control in tooth movement, giving you perfection in your results using aesthetic appliances.

The self-ligating clips eliminate the need for elastic ligatures which improves patient comfort, reduces the number of visits, allows for shorter appointments and ensures your clear braces stay beautiful throughout treatment.

Orthodontic Problem

Severe crowding.


Premolar extraction and braces treatment.

Orthodontic Problem

Skeletal lower jaw asymmetry.



Braces treatment with jaw surgery.