Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are  fixed braces bonded to the back of the teeth making them virtually invisible to other people and a great alternative for cosmetic orthodontic treatment.

Braces on the back of your teeth allow you to smile confidently through every event that life has to offer, whilst knowing they are always working towards your perfect smile. Unlike clear aligners, you wont have to remember to insert them or remove them while eating and drinking.

Lingual braces are customized with intelligent wires (SureSmile), engineered to deliver the targeted results your smile deserves.

However, treatment with lingual braces does require more of your time for orthodontics adjustments when compared with traditional braces, clear braces or aligners (Invisalign).

There are many advantages to having a beautiful, healthy smile such as confidence, health and wellbeing. Lingual braces are just one of the tools we have to help you achieve this.

Please contact one of our offices to schedule a visit, to discuss what appliance is most suited to help you achieve your goals. No referrals are necessary.

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Lingual braces.